Kenya Wildlife Safari Tour

Kenya Wildlife Safari Tour

Kenya Wildlife Safari Tour with Kenya Safaris Holiday : Kenya is one of the world’s premium safari destinations with great opportunities of wildlife viewing all year round. You can combine your Kenyan safari with a relaxing beach holiday or a city break. Kenya is famous for its birdlife in the Rift Valley lakes, its magnificent array of wildlife including the BIG 5, which you have a very good chance of spotting.  About 8% of Kenya’s land area is protected for wildlife viewing with over 50 National Parks and Reserves throughout the country. It is perfect for a beach holiday with several protected areas marine parks.

Best Time to Visit Kenya
If you wish to witness the annual Wildebeest migration then the best time to go on safari in Kenya, specifically a safari in the Masai Mara is from July to October. You should be aware that this is also the time when there will be most tourists, therefore lodges will get booked up early in the year and there are more safari vehicles on the roads, which in turn makes these season as the peak Season and the most expensive and the accommodation need to done far away in advance.

The dry seasons January to March and July to October are also an excellent times for wildlife viewing, as the animals gather in huge numbers round water holes, rivers and lakes and the vegetation is less dense which makes for easier viewing of the wildlife from a distance.
Kenya is in deed a World Cup of Wildlife, and together with its peoples culture, rich flora and fauna, more than 1080 recorded species of birds, white sandy beaches of Diani , the highest free standing mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro which can be seen while in Kenya Wildlife Safari Tour there is no better place to witness the BEST WILDLIFE VIEWING IN THE WORLD.
JBA- 6 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari Tour

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