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Kenya Camel Derby and Safaris

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2020 International Camel Derby-Maralal, Kenya .The International Camel Derby and Festival – Maralal, Kenya “Hit them up, move them out, raw hide” is the theme of this International Camel Derby held in the month of August every year is located 345km, (230km tarmac and 118km graded murram in the northern regions of Kenya in Samburu County. A blend of culture, colour, action, adventure and the finest camels of the north.The derby has been running since 1990 with visitors and entries from Australia, America, New Zealand, Canada, England, France, Spain, Japan, South Africa and beyond.  All competing against the reigning Kenyan champions. The derby is not only recognized as a serious Kenyan safari sport but an international sport and a great way to create awareness of the rapid onset in the desertification of Kenya, while also promoting better camel husbandry among the people of Kenya and the benefits of these spitting, kicking yet adorable creatures in arid environments.The camels are chosen by judges for these races depending on handlers, strength and potential for speed. Did you know a camel can get up to 25 km an hour when racing? Hang on tight!

The venue is Yare Camel Club and Camp 3km south of the township of Maralal in northern Kenya. In addition to the camel races you will also find cycling races, donkey rides for the timid, darts, different challenge events, local dancing displays and stalls. The camel races are broken into two main events over a number of days.The first of them being Novices and Amateurs, so don’t expect to be just a spectator on the side lines, you have the option to hire a camel and handler for the day, saddle up and join in for this rapid, furious and hairy 10km ride on the back of a beast.  The most challenging race is Elite Camel which is, a 42km marathon over a measured distance, passing the Maralal Township and running through semi-desert environments. No handlers or assistants are allowed to be used; you are left to the mercy of the desert and your own devices or imagination.The Kenya camel safari derby is a mecca for adventurers, nomads and camels alike set in the spell binding country of Kenya. Enjoy the very adventure fan gateway

Camel Derby and Festival Objectives

  • Bring together different nomadic pastoralist people to interact for the sake of peaceful co-existence
  • Raise more awareness on the importance of camels as economically viable source of livelihoods for the nomadic pastoralist people in the wake of persistent droughts that devastate other domestic animals like cattle, sheep and goats.
  • Bring together different nomadic pastoralist people to interact for the sake of peaceful co-existence
  • Promote preservation of Samburu cultural heritate and positive cultural practices.
  • Promote environmental conservation due to increasing desertification
  • Raise money for educating needy pastoralist children, promote girls education, and support for children with special needs.
  • Promote the opening up of the Samburu region to tourism in order to enhance the economic status of the people
  • Promote conservation and viable exploitation of natural resources

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