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Nairobi Giraffe Centre

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A visit to the Giraffe Centre is the perfect activity to do when stopping over in Nairobi for a day or two before heading off on a Kenya safari.

The African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (AFEW), commonly known as the Giraffe Centre. It is located 5kms from Nairobi city Centre. The main objective is providing conservation education to school children and Kenyan youth.

The African Fund for Endangered Wildlife has been able to save the Rothschild’s giraffe from extinction. It is a subspecies of the giraffe and above all only found in the grasslands of East Africa.

Most exciting part of your visit to Giraffe Center being the experience of seeing these animals close and feeding them. You will also see close at hand how they use their long tongues to remove leaves from acacia branches. To raise awareness, it is providing free environmental education to young Kenyans and promoting conservation efforts of endangered species in Kenya.

The Giraffe Center is open daily as it obtains 90% of it’s funding from the entrance fees and sales from the teahouse and gift shop. As a result, all their education programmes are offered free of charge to the children. Therefore, your visit is directly contributing to conservation education in Kenya.

So plan to visit and experience the beautiful scenery.

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