We will pick you up from your Nairobi Hotel in the morning. After that, you will take a roughly 2.5-hour picturesque journey up to the Masailand around Tinga-Tinga along the West Kilimanjaro slopes. When you arrive in “Olpopongi” Masai Village, a group of friendly Masai and the Village Chief greet you and offer you a refreshing drink. Your own Masai guide will describe the Masai way of life—past and present—as you stroll through the hamlet. Taste a traditional tea (chai) made over a wood fire to learn more about the Masai people’s culinary tradition. The activities inside the village will come to a finish with a wonderful lunch featuring a selection of regional gastronomic specialities.

A thrilling and extremely interesting walking safari through the neighboring bush kicks off the afternoon. Masai warriors will lead you along their routes while describing the local wildlife, unusual trees, and common medicinal plants. Your unique jungle expedition will also include the use of regional tools, hunting skills, and fire preparation. As they return to the village, freshly prepared coffee and cake are served along with the well-earned respite. Masai men and women will congregate for the customary singing and dancing performances around sundown. You will have a memorable evening under the (mainly) starry sky thanks to a fantastic BBQ-Buffet served right at the campfire and the “get together” with your already familiar Masai friends.

The evening will come to a close in your personal Masai home on traditional beds with cozy blankets and mats.
The next morning, after waking up to the beat of the bush drums, breakfast awaits you: freshly baked buns, jam, fruits, and an omelette of your choosing! The trip is complete and it’s time to say goodbye with a ton of fresh impressions in your mind later, in the quiet early morning. Your driver will return you to your Nairobi hotel.

Masai Village