At 0630 hours, the tour begins. The only national park that is located the closest to the city is Nairobi National Park, which is 7 km from the CBD and can be reached in just under 15 minutes.

Beginning in the western section of the park, the morning game drive circles the dry woodland in search of leopards and black rhinos. Three distinct areas make up Nairobi National Park: the dry woodland, the savannah grassland, and the ravine system. You will proceed to the savannah grassland after your adventure in the dry woodland to search for lions, gazelles, buffalo, and black rhinos.

The journey will be completed with a stop at the ravine, which is home to hippopotamuses, crocodiles, and several bird species that live in the park. Elephants are not present in the park because of its small size. An vast grassland region and woods are necessary for elephants.

Your game drive will last until 1100 hours.

1100 hrs. You’ll travel to the David Sheldrake’s to witness orphaned elephants.

After that, you’ll eat lunch.

1400 hrs. The Rothschild Giraffe, which is critically endangered, will then be fed as you travel to the giraffe center.

After that, you’ll be driven to your lodging.