Create Unforgettable Memories This Father’s Day Season

Father’s Day is here, another opportunity to outdo your incredible present from the preceding years! We understand the difficulty of attempting to surpass oneself when it relates to commemorating your father. There are a couple of things you would wish to do for your  father after everything he’s done for you over the years and his unending commitment to your family.  As a son or a daughter, you are constantly searching for the ideal way to express your gratitude to the great men who have had an impact in your  life. As fathers have remained an unwavering source of consolation during your victories and inspiration amid difficult times.

Keep calm, we know exactly what you can do on Father’s Day to make your dad feel appreciated.


Free Camping Dome Tent Near a Body of Water Stock PhotoGoing camping this Fathers Day would be ideal, the vast East Africa offers numerous picturesque and calm areas, many of which are ideal for camping. Kenya and Tanzania have become a popular camping locations for individuals who like spending time outdoors such as picnics, going fishing, and trekking due to their attractive nature, moderate weather, and idyllic setting. There are many sites to go camping in in both countries, and they are all in well-preserved areas, with the majority of them being adjacent to national parks. The national parks are located throughout the country and provide an excellent setting for a variety of camping activities.

Mountain Climbing

Taking your father on a mountain climbing adventure would create great bonding time and create a memorable experience. It’s all about adventure, persistence, putting hands and feet down upon vegetation, boulders, snow and eventually reaching a peak, where you mesmerize, far above the expanse of the suburbs and the community, and gaze over a universe dominated by nature’s and her sheer majesty while catching up on lost time.

Free People Hiking on Mountain Stock Photo


Venture out into the wilderness and see the world as you’ve never seen it before this Father’s Day, with our guide to the best safari excursions within East Africa, you wouldn’t want to miss out. or better still, tour parks to see the rival leopard packs and their unique hunting techniques. Be sure to visit the crocodile pool, the towering giraffes and feed a few as you catch up on childhood memories.

Free Leopard on Brown Trunk Tree Stock Photo

Day Trip

If you want to recharge this Father’s Day, you don’t have to go anywhere far. You can plan a day trip, you have several options for destinations around Kenya or Tanzania. It all hinges on whether you want to drive around or prefer something “wilder”. TIP: Be sure to dress comfortably no matter where you plan to go.

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Our aim at Kenya Safaris Holiday is to create distinctive adventures with that you and your father can bond and build a great relationship. We’ve set out on an endeavor of helping you arrange an amazing Father’s Day celebration. One that will assist you in creating long-lasting memories and cementing relationships.


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